Expert John F. Barnes Myofascial Release 
Occupational Therapy
Drucilla J. Likens Pape OTR/L, NBCOT
Drucilla J. Likens Pape, OTR/L

Patient Information

We maintain an allergen-free environment.
Assistance animals are not permitted in the building.
Only natural "free" cleaning products/detergent are used.



Women's Breast Health Seminar
Sunday 10/14/18  1:00-4:00 p.m.
The Intuitive Body 5615 Springboro Pike West Carrollton (Dayton) Ohio 45449
Class size is limited to 12, so register early!
TO REGISTER: email or text/call 937-545-5718

Come join us for this important Seminar! You will learn how to use Myofascial Release self- treatment to know your breast tissue intimately through enlightened palpation techniques, followed by self-treatment techniques to keep breast tissue fluid, soft and healthy. Treating your breasts daily increases awareness so that you know exactly how every part of your breasts feel....nipples, ducts, surrounding tissue, including underarm and neck areas. This awareness is crucial in working with your medical professional as part of your health examinations. In the event there is an abnormality, MFR self-treatment will likely help you to find it very early. Many of these abnormalities are fluid-filled cysts, fibrous tissue, scar tissue or calcification which can be treated and prevented using daily MFR self-treatment. MFR is not meant to take the place of your regular medical examinations. It enables you to have more awareness so that if you feel something isn't right, you can inform your doctor earlier rather than having it discovered much later. Special guest speaker (to be announced) will present information on non-invasive and non-painful medical thermography for breast (and whole body) imaging. Thermography and MFR go hand-in-hand in that thermography reveals areas of inflammation, and MFR treats these areas! Rather than living in fear of "finding  a surprise lump" or abnormality, it's time to confidently celebrate our healthy breasts! Where there is awareness, there is choice!

Class size is limited to 12, so register early!


Kettering Medical Center Foundation presents the annual
Ribbon of Hope Luncheon and Vendor Mall

October 2018  Date: to be announced 10:00 a.m. -  2:00 p.m. 
Sinclair Community College Ponitz Center
Vendor Mall 10:00- a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Guest registration begins at 11:00, luncheon begins at 11:45-1:00
Luncheon Reservations: 937-395-8327 

This year the guest speaker to be announced


Patient Information


The Intuitive Body is located in West Carrollton (Dayton) Ohio
5615 Springboro Pike
West Carrollton, Oh 45449
1 (937) 545-5718 

       By Appointment: Every effort will be made to schedule your evaluation          and/or treatment session as soon as appointment times become  
       available. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled
       appointment time in order to prepare for your session and take full
       advantage of "table time". You may expect that your session will begin
       and end on time, inclusive of review of Patient Self-Assessment of
       Progress form, standing postural scan, assignment/review of home
       program exercises, addressing your questions/discussion and final
       postural scan. Every minute of your session time is very important!
       Any portion of time lost due to late arrival is valuable time forfeited.



     Initial Evaluation and Individual Sessions are scheduled on a first come,
     first served basis.  We attempt to schedule your session(s) at a time/day
     that is consistently good for you, followed by reserving a regular
     time/day for the duration of your treatment, with exceptions as

     Progressive/Focused Therapy Programs are scheduled 2-4 weeks in
     advance (see treatments page)  

     Priority Scheduling is given to clients who drive >2-3 hours, clients who        schedule back-to-back sessions, and clients who schedule weekly or per
     Therapeutic Programs.  All others are scheduled first come, first served 
     as session times become available. 


    Fees: (Fees reflect cash discount)
       Initial Evaluation/Treatment Session: $300/2 hrs.
2 hrs. 150 per hr.) P
re-pay to reserve. Fee is non-refundable,
       as this is a
scheduled block of time reserved for you.
       Individual Sessions:
Payment is due at time of service. 24 hr. cancellation required
       or you will be charged in full for the missed session.


       Gift Certificates: $150/hr.                     

       Special Savings: $120/hr. 
       *  Senior Citizen Discount: 65+ must present ID at time of 
           Initial Evaluation.
       Student Discount: 18-22 self-pay only (no insurance)                                   must present current student ID at time of Initial Evaluation.
       *  Military Discount: must present current Military ID at time of 
           Initial Evaluation.
       Self-Treatment Series: (See Treatments page)
         *  First Night Series: $400 per 8 week series
         *  Second Wind Series: $400 per 8 week series
         *  Advanced Insight Series: $400 per 8 week series
         *  December Series: $200 per 4 week series Purchase the complete    
           Series for $1200 and receive
 the new December Series for free!
           $200 savings

       Therapeutic Programs:
       (Six value-priced Programs: see Treatments page)

       Pro Bono: In One Peace Project (See Treatments page)



      Payment:  Cash/Check only 

         (Visa/MC Coming Soon!)     Credit card logos

        Payment: cash, check (VISA, MasterCard coming soon!)
         Cash discount: Fees listed above reflect cash discount

Receipt: end of year receipt provided unless otherwise requested

Returned check fee: per current banking standard.


         Payment is due at time of service.

         24 hr. cancellation required or you will be charged in full for the
          missed session.

        Gift Certificates/
Group Self-Treatment Series:  
Pre-payment due in full prior to scheduling sessions. Non-refundable.
         Gift certificates may be transferable to another name upon request. 
        Progressive Therapy Programs:   
          Payment in full must be received 2 weeks
 prior to beginning the

*  Each Progressive Therapy Program is carefully scheduled and
           individually designed to address your specific needs, therefore, no
           refunds are given once the Program has begun.  
*  In case of true emergency, the remainder of any portion of the    
           Program may be re-scheduled as Individual Sessions. 
*  In order for the Program to be documented as a Progressive Therapy
all Sessions must be comple
ted as scheduled.

        Reimbursement/Insurance Policy Disclosure:
        Neither The Intuitive Body nor Drucilla J. Likens Pape, OTR/L are a        
        Medicaid/Medicare/Tri-Health/Worker's Compensation provider.  This    
        may adversely impact any potential reimbursement for services. 

          We do not:
          *  participate
in any insurance program

        *  bill any third party insurer
        *  accept any insurance assignment
        *  make/return telephone calls to/from insurance companies
        *  complete/return insurance forms/paperwork

        Should you choose to submit for reimbursement, documentation will be           provided to you, for your submission to your insurance company. The
        documentation contains 
all of the information that will
        be provided. Reimbursement is not guaranteed. Copy fee will apply.

        Submitting to Insurance for Reimbursement
        Physician Prescription:
       * Physician prescription is required at the time of initial evaluation
if you are submitting for insurance reimbursement.
       Insurance companies may not consider reimbursement without a
         physician prescription and the accompanying ICD-10
diagnostic codes and corresponding treatment Codes. 

        The Prescription Should Read:
       * Occupational Therapy/Myofascial Release Therapy 
       * Evaluate and Treat
       * Prescription must include each applicable ICD-10
          numeric code(s) and corresponding  diagnosis(es)
          Example: 724.5 Back Pain
       * You may request a separate prescription for:
         "Therapeutic Equipment Package" individually selected therapeutic
exercise tools and instructional materials necessary for participation in
your Home Exercise Program. 
(See below: Home Exercise

         * Physician prescription is required by most insurance companies, and
          reimbursement is not guaranteed. Should you choose to submit for
          reimbursement, documentation will be provided to you upon request
          Copy fee will apply.
        * Physician prescription is required for treatment of complex health    
          issues requiring specialized treatment. 

        * Physician prescription is not accepted for "Mini Me" and "Mini Me To  
          Go" Programs and the "Focused Group Self-Treatment" Series.

        * Physician prescription 
must be presented at time of pre-payment
          all Progressive Therapy Programs. Documentation required for
          submission to insurance is specific, and is based upon physician-
          ordered diagnostic code(s) therefore post-dated prescriptions are not

Please make a copy of your Physician Prescription for your own
          records. The original prescription must be kept on file at The
          Intuitive Body.

        * Patient is responsible for obtaining a revised Physician Prescription if
          information is incorrect or incomplete.


        Home Exercise Program:
        * Your MFR treatment sessions will include specific and thorough                       
training in how to use MFR at home for continued success. This          

           Home Treatment Program may require the purchase of a few                         basic self treatment tools and instructional materials. This cost is  
           minimal, and is usually
covered by insurance providing it is included in            the Physician Prescription.

         Digital Photographs:

        * Digital photographs are taken as part of the Initial and Final    
           Evaluation process for pre-post comparison of postural changes.  
           This is an important part of the evaluation process, as it enables
           your MFR Therapist and you to view postural issues together, from
           a three-dimensional perspective.
          * Your MFR Therapist will mark and review your photographs with you,
           and answer any questions that you may have.

          * Photographs will be released only to you. You may elect to share
           your photographs with your referring physician or therapist.

          * Photographic attire for men will include boxers, briefs or shorts. Attire            for women will include bra and underwear or two-piece bathing suit.

         Missed Appointment/Cancellation Policy:
        * Please give 
24 hr. notice of cancellation to avoid being charged.  
We understand that less than 24 hour notice of cancellation is 
occasionally necessary due to true emergency, illness and
          inclement weather. 

        * Missed appointments without cancellation (no show/no call) cannot
             be accommodated, and you will be charged for the missed

        Repeated cancellations cannot be accommodated, and will result in
             transfer to scheduling as appointments become available.  

        * IllnessIn order to promote a healthy environment for all, 
           please call to cancel your appointment if you are ill or are
                symptomatic of becoming ill
(sneezing, runny nose, cough, fever)
           or have anything 
that is/may be contagious (pink eye, poisonous
           rash, etc).

         HIPAA Policy: (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
           Personally identifiable information is released only to you, except as
           required by Federal and State Law. 

         Assistance Animal Policy: (Not Permitted)                                               
         Environmental Policy:

         The Intuitive Body maintains an environment that is free of as               many allergens as possible. For this reason, we do not permit               assistance animals. We do not have indoor plants. We only use             unscented "free" laundry products and we do not use dryer                   sheets or fabric softeners. We do not use essential oils or air                 fresheners. We use only non-chemical cleaning products.


How do I prepare for my session?

It is helpful to have adequate rest and to eat a light meal (soup or salad or sandwich...and a glass of water) prior to each session for sufficient energy and hydration.  Your body requires energy in the form of food and water to function! MFR is not a "passive" type therapy.  You will be moving and expending energy at times.  


Please bathe prior to your session, and do not wear any perfume, lotion or makeup. MFR is best performed on clean, dry skin to eliminate "sliding" of the therapist's hands. 

Please inform the therapist of:
  • any skin condition, or any type of medical condition/diagnosis that may be contagious
  • recent surgeries of any kind (less than six weeks post surgically) 
  • body jewelry or hair pieces that cannot be removed
  • body implants (augmentation) or reconstructive surgery
  • wear a hormonal patch/creme/pellet
  • medical implants/devices such as (pacemaker, pain pump, shunt, stent, port, surgical clips, surgical mesh, rings, IUD, plates/screws, joint replacement)
  • wear assistive devices such as (contact lenses, dentures, hearing aides), etc. 
Be prepared to remove all jewelry, and secure longer  hair in a loose ponytail. The therapist will work around medical and assistive devices as is possible. 

Wear comfortable clothing to your session, and be prepared to be treated in your undergarments (Women: bra and panties, Men: briefs, boxers or loose shorts/trunks). Modesty draping (covering with a light sheet) is available for your comfort. 

What is the "flow" of an MFR Therapeutic Session?

1.  EVALUATE existing postural issues (initial evaluation consists of a 2-hour session which combines evaluation, treatment and a beginning MFR self-treatment exercise for home).

2.  TREAT those areas that cannot be adequately addressed in self-treatment

3.  EDUCATE specifically why, how and when to use MFR on a daily basis as a self-treatment tool. Provide MFR exercises at each treatment session, relevant to the area(s) of the body/issues being addressed; monitor the use of those exercises, review as necessary until they are"second nature."

4.  PREVENT future postural issues through follow-up treatment to monitor progress and address situational treatment needs. Schedule follow up treatment session(s) as needed to provide hands-on treatment; assess progress and teach additional MFR self-treatment exercises.  

How often / How long will I need Treatment?   

What has taken years to develop, will take time to treat.  Healing is not an event, it is a process.  It will take time to identify and address chronic issues, depending on the severity of your symptoms and your response to treatment, including your commitment to helping yourself through self treatment.  

Myofascial Release does not have a "one size fits all protocol" of treatment. Treatment is dynamic and changes as your body changes. The time frame of treatments is individual, based upon your issues and response to individual treatment sessions.  MFR doesn't require endless visits, because you will learn how to use MFR for your own self-treatment, and as you progress, you can then learn to recognize when you may need to schedule follow up sessions with your MFR therapist.

It is important to commit to scheduling sessions as recommended by your therapist, as these recommendations are made with careful and knowledgeable consideration for the most effective course of treatment (frequency and duration) for your health care dollars.  Treatment is never recommended in excess of what is needed, and the goal of treatment is to return you to a pain-free, healthy lifestyle!

What may I expect during Evaluation & Treatment?

Myofascial Release begins with a thorough "hands-on" evaluation of posture and movement patterns.  Based upon the evaluation and the information you provide, we will be able to discuss your individual needs. The frequency and duration of treatment is different for each individual, and is based upon your body's own response.  

During each treatment session, we will consistently teach body awareness during the hand-on portion of the session, as well as during the self-treatment training so that you learn to recognize your body's important signals, via the "fascial voice."  We will also teach a growing repertoire of MFR self-treatment exercises, making sure that you understand how, why and when to use MFR. Ultimately, you will be educated, therefore, empowered to choose and use MFR consistently to positively impact your own well-being.  The degree to which you commit to using MFR techniques on a daily basis will largely determine the frequency, duration and outcome of your MFR therapy program.  

   Be Good to yourself !!!
     We all deserve to feel healthy, happy, flexible and  energetic!

Photo by: Drucilla J. Likens Pape Collection 
May not be used without permission

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